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Not important.

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 28, 2010, 10:21 PM
I really need to update. And I will soon...just not right now. xD

Don't question this journal, guys. > n >

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Anime Boston 2010 con report!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 4, 2010, 5:27 PM
"Hey guys, what's goin' on?" (<--I think this officially became my 'phrase' of the con.)
So anyway, really now - I just got back from AB and it was AMAZING. I had SO MUCH FUN, I wish it hadnt come to an end so quickly. :c

This year I roomed with :iconpezzidge:, :iconmorijana:, :iconthru-apeture-eyes:, :iconappl3sauce:, :iconzanduar:, :iconnox-sirch:, :iconzombiedodge: and a few other people. We stayed at the Marriot and had two adjoining rooms, which was pretty sweet. They were all really amazing! I love them all. <3 They were super nice and awesome to hang with. Couldn't have asked for better roommates.

Now let's break this down by day, shall we?

I arrived on Wednesday. My friend's sister drove us all up and we picked songs to play from youtube on my friend's ipod, singing along with them like crazy people. It was awesome. ;D When Jizz in my pants was picked, I jizzed myself. B| The ride took about 3 hours and we shuffled into the Midtown Hotel. I stayed there with my (other) friends for a night before meeting up with Pidge and everyone else.

Thursday I didn't really cosplay. Or maybe I did. I can't remember. fff. I'm none too bright, guys. But I preregged so I was happy. We again sang annoying songs while in line. It was epic, and Im pretty sure the people in front of us hated us by the time we got our badges. :'D

Friday is a bit of a blur to me, so I guess I'll try to piece it together as best I can. I cosplayed as Kairi for a good portion of Friday. I hung out with my roomies, especially Pidge a lot. We just generally walked around. A lot of people wanted pictures when we were all together, though Im sure that's just because everyone else was amazing. Had nothing to do with me. xD They had a private photoshoot, and I tagged along. I got to be in a few pictures, but I didnt want to ruin their amazing shoots, so I mainly stayed to the side. It was FREEZING out there with the wind and the dress and the shortness and the slutty-ness, and the yeeeeah. D8 So they all kinda worked together to keep me warm. <3 I appreciated it. 8D Especially Xaldin because he let me in his coat which was super warm. |3

I also changed into England later that day. DRUNKEN ENGLAND. And I walked around with :iconrejectedhaha: who I was so incredibly happy to have met. I talk with her online a lot and I totally love her. <3 She's even better in person. ;D I let her borrow my American flag boxers, which Im ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to MYSELF for bringing (solely with the intention of letting her wear them, of course. :3 ) because she was drunken America with me. We ran around the con, basically ALL WEEKEND shouting "AMERICA/ENGLAND LOVES YOU." and asking people who they liked better, America or England. (MOST PEOPLE SAID ENGLAND BTW. 8D ) We also got into little play fights, which a lot of people enjoyed and took pictures of. GOD, I FUCKIN' LOVE THAT GIRL.<3
We also went to the rave Friday night. Not even five minutes into the rave, we got hit on by some real creeper who was offering for us to come to a 'party' at his hotel with boys and alcohol and didnt even care that I was under 18. B| We left promptly after that, the music was crap imo anyway. After leaving we ran into this epic group of Hetalia cosplayers, who we proceeded to sing many songs with in the middle of the hall at say, 1:00 in the morning. Oh, it was so fun. Did I mention that I never get tired of singing the Pokemon theme song? I must have sang it at least 10 times all the way through throughout the con. Oh, and I really liked the Russia. Just sayin'. Because I like Russia. B]

Oh I might be getting some stuff mixed up, but..Im er, pretty sure on this stuff. Saturday I went out as Drunken England pretty much all day again. I did wear the military outfit a bit, but I had much more fun in the union jack boxers. And Im pretty sure that half the con will remember me. I ran up to so many random people and told them that I loved them, that they were amazing, and that they were sexy. There were just so many epic costumes that I couldnt help it. :'D Oh, also had cosplay chess rehearsals. Which I was totally late for. I had gotten confused on the times because I'm a major DERP WHORE. :B Me and my drunk America had more shenanigans and I also met up with some more epic people. OH, I met an England who watches my videos on youtube. I LOVED HER MASSIVELY because she was super adorable and she had a super adorable America, Spain and Romano with her as well, and not to mention a totally SEXAY France WHO FED ME, so I love them massively as well! <333 I seriously loved these guys. They were TOO CUTE, I was ready to die. I wanted to stuff them in my suitcase and take them home with me. BUT BACK TO THE EVENTS AT HAND..I believe this might have been Friday, actually - I lied. (Being there since Wednesday really threw me off with times.) Anyway, the little America was actually cosplaying Ciel. She was really tired and sore, so I 'babysat' her while her England went to the Hetalia photoshoot outside. I entertained her, and she was so cute I was pretty content myself. xD And she said that I gave her her energy back! 8D I was pleased! And we pranced around gaily together when England, Spain, Romano and France got back.

Later that night - Saturday that is - I hung out by the 18+ Hetalia panel line. I mainly hung out with the panelists, but I did run around promoting Warsaw. 8D WHICH BTW - I met :iconxneverconformx:, who I LOVE. Her youtube videos are full of SUCH WIN. She was really nice and put her scarf on me, having me promote Warsaw, as previously stated. She was a lot of fun and her Lithuania was really quiet, but quite adorable. AND LATER ON SUNDAY, she told me that I was her coolest subscriber on youtube or something to that effect. I NEARLY DIED. :'D!! I hung out there until they were about ready to go back in then I migrated back to the Midtown Hotel. Fun times. Fun times.

COSPLAY CHESS. YES. I had a lot of fun with all the other participants. And everyone seemed to enjoy me getting pantsed. Which, Ada allowed to happen during the actual performance. YES GAIZ, I GOT PANTSED BY PRUSSIA. OH! OH! And a totally amazing Ciel gave me a fairy wand, which I will cherish FOREVAH. HE LET ME KEEP IT. I was so excited. You have no idea. And she was super cute, too! Oh my goddd, so many cuties at this con. I really wish my suitcase were big enough for them all.. And btw, I am so not a creeper. Just sayin. B| Don't listen to what anyone else tells you. It's a lie. Just like America thinks the Vagina is. (<--hurr,insidejoke. But if you can piece it together, I'll love you long time.8D) ANYWAY, Cosplay chess went well. I had a lot of fun and I GOT TO COME BACK AS A PANTLESS, ZOMBIE ENGLAND. SO EPIC, RIGHT? I was almost as excited as I was when that Ciel said I could keep the wand. HURRR.

OKAY, so I know Im missing a lot of stuff. I met so many epic people. SO MANY. And I cant remember when it all happened. But I really loved hanging outside the Artist Alley with all those sexy Hetalia cosplayers. The Nordics really made me happy - especially the Norway. Because she loved England more than America. ;D And the Spain and I totally had some sexy fan service goin' on. I jizzed myself. OH OH, and I met SUPER CEREAL GERMANY. Oh god, I loved you. I LOVEDED YOU SO HARD, with your face of super cereal expression. And Waiter England. You were so crafty - I loveded you too! :'D

ANYWAY, lots more happened, yes. But Im so sore and Im actually SICK now, I think. I barely ate or drank during the whole con, so I guess it serves me right. But I cant type anymore right now. Maybe I'll come back and add stuff because I really havent even covered the half of it all. BUT I LOVED YOU ALL, and I really hope a lot of people remember me because I remember a lot of people. And I definitely ran around in Boxers a majority of the con, with my fat thighs and a giant 'easy access' hole in the crotch just for you guys. <3 Because everyone seemed to really love me as Drunken England.

Im hoping to attend either ANEXT or Otakon next. I've been offered to go to both, and if I can go to both, I so will. I will most definitely be bringing along with me Drunken England again. I'll be rockin' them Union Jacks. SO HARD.

Again, lots of nice people. Loved my roommates. I had a fabulous time! :'D If I forgot to mention you, Im so sorry! I didnt really 'forget', I just am too sickly right now to go on about it all. ; A ; Im kinda dying over here, ya knowwww? But just drop a comment/note if you saw me and YEAH. 8D I gave my Facebook to a lot of people, too, so I'm going to check there next.

Sorry for a long, boring report! But I'm so dead. I hope everyone else had a great time at AB, too, though.

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No internet and life really hit me hard.

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 28, 2009, 7:49 PM
Long story short, I've got no internet. At all. Im using my step dad's laptop right now, which he'll be taking as soon as he leaves. Which btw, he left my mom. They're filing for divorce soon, I guess. And we're moving out to an apartment(Just me and my mom and the two little children) because we can't afford the house anymore since he took his clothes and walked out. Among many other things.

And I have to listen to my mom crying every day and my little 4 year old sister and 6 year old brother (Half siblings, technically) asking "Where's daddy?" all the time. It's kind of heart wrenching. So yeah. Needless to say, Life isnt at it's best right now.

I might possibly have to go to a different school, too. Which sucks, because Im a senior and I've only got a few months left..It's pretty crappy to transfer to a new school at this time of your life. But..I guess some things can't be helped. :/

I'm sorry to everyone. I'm sorry that I can't be around, I apologize to everyone who Im letting down. Especially my close friends who I talk to on a daily basis, and my roleplayer friends who I've left hanging suddenly out of nowhere. I really do apologize.

Merry Christmas, everyone, though I know it's a little late. Sorry, but I hope and pray that you've all had a better one than I have. I could rant on and on about how much my life is sucking right now, but I think I'll spare you guys. xD (Besides, I know a few of my friends who are having just as much, if not more of a suckish time right now, too. So good luck to you guys, you know who you are.<3)

Anyway, I'm out for now.
Sorry, again.

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I need some help...

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2009, 7:50 PM
I'm a bit depressed and I really just have to let it out somewhere, I apologize.:[

So I was dating this boy named Anthony. I dated him for four years and I really did love him with all my heart and soul, you have no idea. But towards the end of our relationship, things started getting really bad and rather abusive I suppose one might say.(I still dont like to admit it, but's true.)

So after attending Anime Boston and having so much fun cosplaying and meeting new people (which he hated me cosplaying with "other people" and thought cosplay was stupid in the first place..) I decided it was time for me to let go of our relationship and move on, I figured it would be for the best. It was hard for me to tell him it was over and I realized if I talked to him at all I wouldnt be able to do it, so I simply stopped calling him and to my surprise, he didnt attempt to call me or get in touch with me in any way, and I havent talked to him since May.

To this very day, I admit that I still have feelings for him and I love him. I mean, we dated for FOUR YEARS and he was my life. He was my first relationship and my first EVERYTHING, I traveled from Massachusetts to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet him. It was the happiest thing I'd ever done in my life - and I dont regret it one bit, nor will I ever.

But today, I knew I shouldnt have done it..I had resisted doing it in the past few months so many times. But I couldnt stop myself, and I looked at his myspace today. I was devastated to find that he apparently ALREADY has another girlfriend and she's quite cute. It hurt me a lot to see this, he told me if we ever broke up he would be done with dating for a long time; which granted, I didnt believe to be true anyhow, but I was hoping he would have at least tried to get in touch with me or wait a bit longer before replacing me..I mean, I understand he's free to do as he pleases, but..I just was hurt to see him apparently madly in love with some other girl so soon and I'm still in love with him, though im trying my best to move on.

Am I just being stupid? Probably. But it hurts. And I wish I had someone else to call my own now, I really miss having someone to say "I love you" to, and even when I was with Anthony, I realized I had been interested in girls...and now I think I'm going to pursue getting a girlfriend who is into the same things I am - namely cosplay.

Now I wonder. Do you guys think it's a bad idea for me to try to find someone else right now? I feel finding someone else might make me happier and I really do want someone to call my love. But on the other hand, I wonder if I'm being selfish and out of place? I dont know.

Please help me out guys. Note me if you think it more appropriate.

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Anime Boston - Afterwards

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2009, 7:08 PM
OH MY GOD! Im sore, tired and blistered! But Im totally THRILLED!

My first con experience was AMAZING!!<3 The highlight of my experience was MEETING MY IDOLS! BUT...i'll get to that in a moment. I'll give a rundown of my con.<3

(My Cosplay: Roxas)
It was pretty amazing! I got snatched up by a Leon cosplayer, who was absolutely amazing. She helped me out and took me on as her "con daughter" and watched after me until i was comfortable enough to go off on my own.^^ I thank her lots.<3

Afterwards, I met up with my friends who go to school with me who cosplayed Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. We walked and such, got pictures taken and took pictures and such.

I broke off from them later and then met up with an amazing Phoenix Wright cosplayer, Luxord cosplayer and Sumomo/plum(chobits) cosplayer who i tagged along with for awhile. I actually danced with the Phoenix Wright cosplayer at the ballroom dance lessons, she was really cool about it, even though i failed hardcore at dancing.xD I followed her to her hotel room the with Luxord and Sumomo, and we chatted. We went to go to the dance but I couldnt get in because OF EVERYTHING, i didnt have a blazer. But whatever. I went to the rave later anyway, with my powerpuff girls, and stayed until 1:30ish. It was really funny because people thought I was really a guy, and said "That guy has way too many girls", as they were all grinding on me and such.;D (LUCKY ROXAS, eh?)

(My Cosplay: Roxas)
BEST DAY EVER!!!! I had left my bag in the Phoenix Wright's hotel, which had my money in it. I by luck found the sumomo and luxord who kindly took me to her hotel room and returned the bag safely with all money accounted for.:3 We chatted and headed out. Then at this point, i ran into the most amazing thing ever!!

I RAN INTO MY IDOLS!! And they let me tag along with them.^^ They talked to me like I was a good friend and it made me feel special.xD Mar Mar was very kind for inviting me to join along.:3 And the two cosplayers who arent in the Afterlife group, but we're rooming with them and such, we're amazing too! Demyx was super cute and playful, I really wanted to squeeze her and not let go.xD And Axel/Saix was amazing!:'D When she was Axel, she even let me hold her hand and gave me a kiss on the forehead a few times, and put her arm around me while we watched the masquerade.<3(Noone has to know it was just cuz she was cold.>__>; ..or was it?;D ) It made my inner akuroku fangasms squeal with ecstasy.xD

They even brought me to dinner with them, and I got to talk to them lots. (Or listen...I was a bit too shy to talk too too much.) And after that they let me come to their hotel room and stay for awhile before I decided to head back to my own. Which Mar Mar so kindly walked me back to where I was familiar with, because this was my first con and I was lost.D':

I was locked out of my (friends) hotel after that. I sat around, after banging on the door, assuming they were still at the rave..until about, 2am. After awhile, i banged harder and yelled my friends name. Finally buttercups mom opened the door and let me in and I had to sleep on the floor without pillows or blankets because everyone else was already dead asleep.xD What a way to end the perfect day, eh?

(My Cosplay: KH2 Kairi)
Another awesome day! I woke up and walked around. Everyone wanted my picture, surprisingly. O_o But it made me happy because I was so proud of the costume since I made it myself!<3

At around 10, I got to meet up with my idols again.^^ They let me tag along for their private photoshoot. Damn I felt so special.xDDDDD hahaha. I got some of their numbers too, so now, I can die happy.;D YAY!xD

Then I had to leave them and go home.:'c That made me sad.>___<;

But overall, it was the best experience in my life! I really had fun, and i'll never forget meeting all the people I did, especially my amazing idols - it was like meeting and being special enough to hang out with some super amazing famous actors/actresses!<333


Thank you everyone, for making my first Anime Convention a great memorable one. I hope to see you all again soon! And I may possibly go to Otakon if I can this year, too! (I doubt it, since hotels are so expensive..:/ But maybe I can room with someone..who knows.)

BTW, my amazing idols(Xigbar, Lexaeus, Marluxia, Larxene):
The Amazing Axel/Saix:
The Amazing Demyx:

My muscles ache, i havent walked this much in...never!D: So im off to bed now! Good night everyone.<3

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Hey guys!
Sorry if i havent been responding very quickly lately...gosh, im getting so filled up with messages and comments..D: GAH! It may take awhile to respond even still..i have almost 200 messages to sift through.:/

The reason?
I've been busy, busy! Anime Boston is in a month and as some of you already know, it will be my first con! Im very excited!

My Roxas Cosplay is out of the way, but i've decided last moment now that i want to try to get another cosplay done before i go. I was going to do the organization coat, but instead i've decided on doing Kairi because its cheaper and easier. : D
So i've been working on her costume. Not that she's my FAVORITE character, but i do love her pink dress.<3

Anyway, sorry for late replies! I should be more on track after Anime Boston (May 22 - 24).

If your going to Anime Boston, drop me a note or something!:3 I'd love to see you there.^-^
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I just made this account basically yesterday - and i already have over 100 page views AND a nice handful of watchers and comments.

You guys are amazing, srsly.<3

To celebrate, im hard at work on coloring some new pics!^-^
Im a little too lazy to draw anything right now, but i might later.

Also, for those of you who read my akuroku story, Life Lessons, i finished chapter 6 and im already starting to type it up. Your reviews on it are the only thing that make me write more, srsly.xD

Alright, im going to get back to coloring. Check out my previous entry to see my 100 confessions - and fill it out for yourself! I'd love to know your deepest darkest confessions.;D

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  • Watching: teh yaoi pr0nz last journal was waaaay too long and it was bothering me. Stretchin' out mah profile too much..D:

So, this is just a random journal that i dont expect any comments on. Just to make my profile neater, because im too retarded to know how to make it cut off so it isnt so long....Dx

Go view my last journal entry to see my '100 confessions'.:3
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I spent ALL FRIGGIN DAY doing this...xD

Its a lot harder to come up with 100 confessions about yourself than you would think.D:

Well, here it is. Learn everything you'll ever need to know about me - and probably some things you probably never would WANT to know about me!:3

1. I've never skipped classes in school before. Ever. (shocking, right?)

2. I dont like people. And because of this, i have few friends - and am HAPPY with that.

3. I almost always get bored of things. I might be completely obsessed with something but in good time, i'll grow completely bored of it. (Example? Rurouni Kenshin. Use to OBSESS over that show, for a good long time. Now, i couldnt tell you the name of half the characters in the show, when before, i could tell you all of them, not to mention half of their AGES, HEIGHTS, WEIGHTS and BLOOD TYPES. Yea. Its sad.)

4. I usually grow to like something because i see someone else doing it and it looks fun.

5. Im incredibly lazy.

6. I can spend money faster than i can earn it. (but who cant?)

7. I dont want to learn how to drive, nor do i care about cars or getting one.

8. Im really good at arguing.

9. I use to have a crush on Ash Ketchum from Pokemon when i was little. (What girl hasnt?)

10. I feel i lack emotions sometimes. Even when i think i should be happy or sad, sometimes i just dont feel it. But then i feel bad for not feeling those emotions. -shrugs-

11. I have Orthostatic Hypotension. That's low blood pressure, btw. And because of that, i use to pass out a lot, causing my mom to ask if i was using drugs and harrassing me about it.(before i went to the doctors and found out why.)

12. I've lied saying i was a quater Asian before, and was believed.

13. I was diagnosed with OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder) when i was 3 years old.

14. I've seen ghosts before. The first time i ever saw one, i was really little. The last time was last year. But i wish i didnt see them, because they scare me.D:

15. I have an online, long distance relationship with a boy in Las Vegas. We've been dating since 2006.

16. I'm the very jealous type. But only if i really love the person.<3

17. I'm the kind of person who always has to have the last say in arguements..>_____>;

18. I'm very logical and good at advice. I can usually tell people why they feel the way they do. Because of this, most of my friends come to me for advice.

19. I'm probably the most blind person you'll ever meet, next to an actual blind person. I literally cant see 2 feet in front of my face without my glasses, without it being blurry.

20. I go up to stangers and talk to them, yelling "HI STRANGER!"...unless they look like a bitch. I dont bother with people who look like bitches, even though i know you cant judge a book by its cover.

21. I have stuffed animals. They're all Sanrio characters. And they go on mah bed.<3

22. I only hate waking up early when there's something i have to do, like go to school.

23. I love animals, but im badly allergic to them. Despite my allergies, i've still done volunteer work at shelters, and helped my aunt foster kittens.<3

24. I wish i could be like my idols. And even though i know i never will, i always keep trying.D:

25. Im really annoying to people i adore. And sometimes to those i dont.

26. Someone stole our snowblower and our lawn mower and we somehow didnt even notice. Even though someone is ALWAYS home. Literally.

27. I'm still upset about having some of my favorite pokemon cards stolen from me like 6 years ago.

28. I like to sing "SHE'S CHOPPIN BROCOLLI!!" a lot.

29. Im a really big procrastinator. Even sometimes with things i actually WANT to do..o_o

30. I usually get bored of boyfriends in a week. Unless the guy is amazing.<3

31. I've been to Las Vegas more than once to visit my boyfriend. It was unnerving to be on a plane all alone for the first time with noone i knew, but so worth it.

32. I smell my fingernails. Weird. Idk why, but i always just stick them to my nose a lot. People think im either smelling them or picking my nose or something...xD I go with 'smelling' because it sounds less gross.

33. I love accents. And wish i could do some. But i cant.;-;

34. I dig feminine guys. And think girls are pretty.<3

35. I hate having to babysit my brother and sister. They're evil hyperactive mutants when together. I perfer just watching one or the other. NEVER BOTH.

36. Im deathly afraid of spiders and wont sleep in my room if i know theres one in there, until someone kills it. But im too scared to kill them myself..D:

37. I miss all the old shows of the 90s that Nick and Cartoon network use to play. "ooo, what does this button dooo?"

39. There are few people that i HATE with a burning passion. But there are few people i LOVE, too.

40. I hate hanging out with people outside of school. Idk why, but i usually get bored when i do that. -shrugs- Unless the person is super awesome.<3

41. I feel im OKAY at a lot of things i do. I dont feel im BAD at most things. However, i dont feel im GREAT at anything either.

42. I wish people would notice me more, sometimes.

43. I secretly wish to get a lot of fanmail, like my idols.<3 Though, id never want to be famous - like a movie star or something like that.

44. I talk a lot.

45. I miss playing in the play places at mcdonalds.

46. I've had crushes on anime charaters before. >__>

47. I talk to my mom about EVERYTHING. Even sex.

48. I hate being in the middle of things. Like arguements between friends.

49. I dont watch tv anymore, because its gay. Except for shows like House and Lost.<3 And ocasionally, other things.

50. Food Network makes me incredibly hungry.

51. I watch infomercials to help me fall asleep sometimes.

52. I can cook. Just not very good.8D

53. Im better at drawing girls but i prefer to draw guys. Mmm, yaoi.<3

54. I love anything loaded with onions and garlic.>___>

55. I dont actually like a lot of meat. The only kind i really like is beef and chicken.

56. I could never be annorexic, because i love food too much.D:

57. I dont have a big sweet tooth.

58. I eat pizza with ranch dressing. And at school, i eat it with what they CALL "Sour Cream" but doesnt actually taste like sour cream. But its good. TRUST friends got me hooked on it...o_o

59. I got my 5 year old brother hooked on Kingdom hearts.<3

60. I've loved Ramen ever since i was little.:3

61. I always lick the spoon.<3

62. I know all the organization XIII members, along with their respective numbers.:D

65. Sometimes im scared of the dark. But only sometimes. Its weird. I guess its only when i see ghosts or something. -shrugs-

66. Im best friends with my step sister. But my mom hates that. (she doesnt like my step sister much.)

67. I like to talk funny and find new ways to say things. It drives my mom up a wall, since shes big on grammer.

68. I say i hate something before i actually ever watch it/try it. Then usually end up loving it when i do.

69. I miss my best friend from when i was little.:[

70. It took me aroud 20 tries to beat Riku in Hallow Bastion, the second fight.(KH1)

71. I never style my hair or wear it up or do anything special to it. How it is when I wake up, with a good brushing is how it stays.

72. I get sick a lot more than other people, because my father went to war in some foreign country, Sadi Arabia, i think, before they had me and got some weird thing that he passed down to me.

73. There isnt MUCH that i would change about myself, even if i had the chance to.

74. I fail hardcore at math.

75. I think my mom is crazy sometimes.D:

76. I feel very strongly for gay rights.

77. My favorite class is Drama(aka acting, for you dumb asses out there.:3 )

78. I wish i had blue eyes, but love the ones i have cuz they is coo'.

79. I sing in public, even though im terrible at it. People look at me funny when im singing in the halls at school. : D

80. Sometimes im slow, i might take a second before i laugh at things....xD

81. I can be a violent little bitch.D:

82. I like to play 'wrestle'/fight. Getting down and rough is fun!^-^

83. I hate all sports....yuck. Im not athletic...(im not contradicting myself! I dont like to do real wrestling...o_o)

84. When i was little, i use to sing "Just around the rubber band" instead of "Just around the river bend" from Pocohantus.

85. I absolutely LOVE Hello Kitty. You can find numerous HK things around my room.<3

86. Sometimes i think im pretty. Sometimes i think im ugly. All depends. On what? Idk.

87. I dont want kids when i grow up. Not because i dont LIKE kids, but because i know they're a lot of work and i dont think id make a great mom...D: -shrugs- Might change my mind someday..

88. I still dont know all my times tables by heart and still have to count using my fingers when im subtracting...Dx (THATS how bad at math i am..)

89. My eating patterns change a lot. Sometimes i'll eat a lot, other times, close to nothing. Sometimes i graze, sometimes i dont......its weird.

90. I like certain kinds of pain.

91. When i was little, i once ripped out my own tooth with a spoon. (Gross, right? It was loose and i liked the pain. -points up to 90- )

92. I almost died when i was 10 months old.

93. Im seriously thinking "OH MY GOD, im almost done!" right now...

94. Im having trouble thinking of more confessions right now....xD

95. Im unsure if all of these are really even 'confessions' or more rather just 'facts about me'...

96. I've played Kingdom Hearts - the original, and beat it well over 20 times. (I stopped counting at 20...)

97. I begged my mom, night and day for a YEAR for her to buy me Kingdom Hearts.<3

98. People forget about my birthday a lot. Even my own mother....-tear-

99. I fear getting old and dying - and wonder about death a lot.


Oh and, 101, for the sake of bonus...ness! 101 - I IS ROXAS!! Secretly. So shhhh, dont tell anyone. :heart:

PSHYA. I know some things were all closely related...haha, honestly, id write one confession and another one would stem from it, id be all "OH! Yea, this too!"

Hope you enjoyed. It was a bit...awkward for me...>___>
To say the least.


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